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Norman Reid Photography


We recently hired Norman Reid as our Event Photographer for an Executive Partner Summit at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes. Norman captured the event perfectly and somehow always managed to be in the right place at the right time. Norman’s attention to detail and his fabulous character meant that he fitted in easily with both the client and crew. I cannot recommend Norman Reid highly enough.”


Paddy Mirams, Managing Director, PMA Communications (Tel: 01243576003)


I have known and worked with Norman Reid as a corporate photographer for more than 15 years and he always gets great results, on time and with no fuss or hassle.


I would always welcome his involvement in any event of mine.


Ruth Locke Production Management (Tel: 07836609805)


I have no hesitation in recommending Norman Reid as a photographer having worked with him over a number of years in the corporate event industry. He’s extremely competent, hard working and extremely reliable.


Paola D’Agata-Hart

Viva Presentations Ltd. (07768400284)


 “Norman always goes the extra mile to deliver.  In my experience clients have always been absolutely delighted with his photography.”


Jean Edwards, Freelance Event Producer (Tel: 07768373339)


"Photographing an event, video shoot or exhibition is more than just point and click. It’s about creating a sub-plot. An underscore.

For whatever use, a chronology of images that testify the impact, fun and usefulness of any of the above will be long held and highly regarded. As long as it’s done right.

In the wrong hands, an assignment of this nature will end up simply a 2D flick-through, and ultimately a waste of money. In the right hands, you will have a multi-dimensional documentary of everything that occurred and how effective and enjoyable it was. And the results stay fresh.

Norman brings nothing but his equipment and his experience. But once he’s at your side, he starts to look. And he sees. The results speak for themselves – exemplary, illuminating (even to one who has lived the thing!) and interesting."

In fact that should be his full name : Norman "right hands" Reid


Lud Romano (Director) Alive Communications (07801010159)


Norman Reid


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